Aiming for sustainable living and going green is beyond using fluorescent lights and an electric car. Landscape and building designs are being evaluated now for their environmental benefits as well. Hardscapes such as parking lots, patios, and driveways are being provided additional inspection. Flooding and water runoff issues are creating an impact on how hardscapes are installed and designed. Pervious concrete or also known as pervious pavement is one specific design that’s renowned as the greatest means you can use to mitigate runoff pollution while allowing for natural water to drain. If you want to know more about pervious concrete, read on the article:

What is pervious concrete?

This type of concrete is a great form of concrete that lets water from different sources of water like precipitation to directly pass through. Letting the water to move across pervious pavement can minimize sediment and runoff accumulation and contributes to the recharge of groundwater.

Commonly, pervious pavement is utilized in flat hardscape instances where water can possibly pool and eventually lead to erosion, flooding, and contribute to runoff of storm drain.

Advantages of pervious concrete

Before our modern driveways, parking lots, and roads, rainwater would nearly always be seeped into the ground where it fell. A lot of roads made of gravel or dirt. As a result, there was only a minimal need for drains intended for storm waters. While the car usage skyrocketed, so did the paved roads number. Not like dirt or gravel road, such hard surface caused water to condense and pool, which led to water runoff that was everywhere, dirty and polluted.

Pervious concrete was initially used and intended to minimize the runoff of stormwater that builds up in heavily paved spaces. According to the EPA, stormwater is harmful to the environment in several ways. Chemicals, sediments, and other contaminations can buildup in stormwater runoff while it ponds in parking spaces which eventually flows into the sewer systems. Apart from that, since the stormwater hasn’t seeped into the ground, it can be the cause of erosion, which leads streams, rivers, and lakes to flood.

This type of pavement is made to reduce the detrimental impacts of harmful water by letting the rainfall to drop through the concrete towards the ground. Other states have strict restrictions that are associated with water runoff.

Apart from that, pervious concrete can give a few cost and financial saving benefits. In fact, here are some of them:

  • Reclaims lots that are not consumed by retention ponds and vaults.
  • Removes the cost of gutter and curb installations.
  • Removes expensive story water piping systems and detention vaults.
  • Infrastructure is much more beneficial for the builder.

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