After a long time of winter, we all want to feel the sun’s warmth and the cool breeze. Spring would be the perfect season to spend time with family and friends outside your house while enjoying the view of the trees, plants, or your house pool. However, with spring, comes also the pollen that might irritate some family members that have asthma or respiratory problems. You would not want any destructions that would spoil your family bonding in the best weather possible.   

If you call a professional deck builder, you would know that it takes cleaning and maintenance to ensure your deck would give you all the benefits it can offer. Here, we gather some helpful tips you can do to make sure that your deck is free from pollen that can cause health troubles to you and your family.   

  1. use an effective pollen cleaning agent – not all soaps are the same and in order for you to make sure that you remove all the pollen from your in-built furniture in our deck, you need to find the right cleaning agent for it. Some soaps are specially formulated to remove pollen besides dirt, so ask the counter to have the right soap. Just because you clean with water and soap does not guarantee you remove the pollens from the fabric.  
  2. you can also opt for a fabric cleaning agent – if you can’t find a pollen-removing soap that is specially formulated, you can choose the better alternative — fabric soap. Fabric soaps are better to remove dirt and all particles from the fabric’s fibers. One of the things you also need to remember is that trying hard to remove stains, dirt, and pollen from the fabric can cause you to remove the colors from the fabric or worse, the damage it entirely.  
  3. soap and water – if you can’t find those specially formulated soaps and agents, you can opt for the normal option — water and soap. Water and soap may not have the strong chemicals to remove the pollens completely, but they are able to remove most of them that can potentially prevent asthma attach to your family members who have asthma. Just make sure you choose a finer brush and a less harsh cleaning agent to prevent your furniture from being damaged. 
  4. you can power wash your built-in furniture –power washing is the last option you have to effectively remove all the dirt, odor, germs, and all particlesfrom your fabric. It is extremely effective and strong that you would not need to do it on a regular basis. Powerwashing is necessary only once in a while but frequent power washing can damage your furniture too. Always consult the experts if you plan on power washing.   
  5. call a service – if you are not confident in your ability to remove pollens on your own or are not sure with what to use as a tool and cleaning agent, then you need to ask the experts this time. Their help would make the tasks faster and more efficient.